The Flamant Paints Collection 2016

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Flamant is introducing an entire new range of paints with five new colours which are authentic and contemporary. Lifestyle and interior decoration experts Flamant and paint manufacturer Tollens continue their design and technical collaboration.

Ballerina, Boa, Diva, Sixties and Zoulou meet current trends for inspiring and enhancing any interior.

Boa, Sixties and Zoulou are intense greens that bring out the personality of every room. Feminine and contemporary all in one,Ballerina and Diva create an intimate mood in an elegant and refined decorative style.



This greenish grey is irresistible and has a timeless and stylish English look. Its striking personality creates an intense mood which is both elegant and harmonious. Boa intensifies and highlights many tones such as shades of grey and beige, or dark red.


This attractive khaki hue evokes strong tints of clay and immediately creates an exotic atmosphere. Zoulou is a rich and versatile hue with more natural tints. Use Zoulou with light shades of blue, pink or orange to create a contemporary look and feel.



Sixties is inspired by an age of all-out happiness and optimism. Its fresh, dynamic and illuminating green brings light to every room in your home. It's a perfect match with neutral colours (cream, pure or tints of grey, beige, taupe, etc.).



This pink reflects femininity and elegance. Boudoir is ideal for a contemporary interior and softening the lines of design furniture. Just like other shades of pink, Diva goes very well with warm neutrals and beige hues with tints of green.


Ballerina is a pink hue with tints of beige, inspired by the world of cosmetics and feminine luxury. With its powdered appearance, this colour reflects softness and is ideal for sophisticated rooms. Ballerina is an excellent match with classic hues (chic grey or navy blue) or with pastel colours.