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The air inside our homes can be up to ten times more polluted than the outside air. Chemical reactions and the ingredients in the cleaning products we use, as well as certain fabrics and furnishings in our homes, can cause this pollution. Boost your well-being with an innovative paint that destroys up to 80% of pollutants!

Come and discover everything about our new Air Care Technology and subscribe for one of our info sessions in your favorite Belgian Flamant store: www.flamant.com/workshops

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The new 2018 paint collection is all about boldness and sweetness, with a mix of powerful, subtle, classic, and trendy colours for endlessly refined interiors.

This year’s colour palette is based on three vibrant blues (Splash, Paradiso, and Blue jeans), two bucolic tints reminiscent of an enchanting universe (Marais and Delicioso), and two calming, basic half-tones (Orage and Rouge Martine).

SPLASH: an intense turquoise - original, fresh, and dynamic.

This ode to David Hockney and his paintings of swimming pools makes you want to dive straight into turquoise waters. Splash has a hint of green and is the ultimate shade for anyone who dreams of escaping to a paradise of sea and sun. Combine it with vibrant colours to evoke the spirit of California and summer that the artist so beautifully depicts. Paired with Forest green and Topkapi blue, you can create a more luxurious, oriental feel, even more so if you add some very trendy copper or bronze elements.

PARADISO: a nod to transparent turquoise waters, a desire to escape, and serenity.

Its name takes us straight to the Garden of Eden, but in reality, Paradiso is a shade that can easily be combined with a range of other colours. This transparent blue is indeed reminiscent of idyllic lagoons, mainly combined with white sand hues. However, it can also hold its own in a classic colour palette and give a fresh, peaceful touch to a more timeless interior. Paradiso can give taupe hues like Muscade and Moyen Age a crisp and dynamic feel.

BLUE JEANS: bold indigo blue – bright and modern

Indigo blue is a must in every wardrobe, and now it has become a go-to shade for interiors too. Timelessly modern, it is the perfect base for any atmosphere. Blue Jeans gives elegant beige and brown hues a modern touch. For a fresh, bright look, combine it with grey and blue tones, like Fjord, Salvia, and Baleine. Or why not go for an elegant ethnic feel by pairing it with warm and bold shades like Marrakech, Indian Summer, and Pimento?

MARAIS: a natural, soft nautical shade

This green clay colour is reminiscent of nature, minerals, and sea, all at once. It is the perfect base for interiors with a nod to nature, particularly when coupled with other earthy and stone shades like Minéral or Craie. Pair it with Esmeralda, Aqua and Cactus to create a green monochromatic colour palette. Marais is also neutral enough to be combined with a wide range of other colours. With all the pink shades – from Rosa to Violetta – you can expect a soft, feminine result. If you prefer a striking, contemporary feel, create a contrast with aubergine or marine blues like Opéra and Blue de toi.

DELICIOSO: delicate pink for a trendy bohemian look.

Delicioso is an irresistible pink shade with a hint of violet reminiscent of sweet treats. Needless to say, this delicate colour is ideal for any feminine space, yet it can also be paired with natural brown and green shades, like Boa, Murano, and Cathédrale, for a bucolic, enchanting interior. Delicioso is the perfect addition to the edgy bohemian trend, which calls for contemporary Scandinavian furnishings.

ORAGE: an elegant and timeless basic shade.

Orage has that reassuring feel that goes with basic colours. It is a so-called ‘median colour’ – a mix of intense blue and grey, that goes just as well with the palette’s natural and grey tones, as with vibrant blue hues liked Paradiso, for a refreshing touch. As with all timeless shades, the possibilities are virtually endless and the result always impeccable.

ROUGE MARTINE: a warm, cocooning colour.

Rouge Martine, with its hints of burgundy, is a sophisticated colour, ideal for striking interiors. Both bold and refined, it can easily be paired with countless classic or original shades, either as a dominant or as a statement hue. Combine it with black for an indisputable elegant look or with white for a more modern atmosphere. Either way, a warm, cocooning feeling is guaranteed.


These seven new colours are a welcome addition to the Flamant colour collection, which includes 128 water-based paints in three different finishes.