The Flamant Paint collection 2019

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Flamant is introducing an entire new range of paints with four new colours which are authentic and contemporary. 


In the neutral palette, Welcome brings a touch of glamour
to the classic interiors of our family homes.
Ideal to combine with, it lends itself to all harmonies,
from the most discreet to the most audacious.

Vert d’Ô

Essence of nature, Vert d’Ô evokes a vegetal spirit such as
the eucalyptus leaf. Discreet and relaxing, together with Voile it animates
soft atmospheres, and brings character associated with


Subtly ashy, Stromboli takes us into a whirlwind of blue,
red and shadow. Sometimes dull or neutral, this multi-faceted shade is
elegantly associated with Vert d’Ô or Teddy Bear.

Teddy Bear

Lightly golden, Teddy Bear offers a feeling of warmth to
a minimalist interior. This baroque shade enfolds you with sweetness.
It combines marvellously with dark colours such as Gris