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The right light from a desk lamp with lots of character. Plenty of shelves and cabinets to store all your things, and a beautiful laptop case. A robust desk with plenty of room to create. And a comfortable chair to work in. Your home office is your functional space. Ensure peace and tranquillity with uniform shades and natural materials, or bask in the iconic atmosphere of vintage leather desk accessories. Choose what works for you.

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How to style your ideal home office

Sufficient light from a stylish lamp, a good desk and an ergonomic chair for the right posture: make sure you can work comfortably at home. Do you prefer a clean desk, or decorative office essentials? Set up your workplace just the way you want it with these tips.

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Nontemar desk

desk, wood and brass

Manhattan picture frame

picture frame, brown leather

Herom desk

desk, wood


MANHATTAN, pen holder, brown leather


MANHATTAN, table lamp, brown leather
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Flamant at home

Want an interior that's perfectly tailored to you? Rely on our professional interior design consultants who provide personalised advice at your home. From advice on (window) decoration, furniture, lighting, paint and wallpaper to a complete interior design proposal for an entire room.

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