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Your kitchen is the beating heart of your home. It's where you cook for your guests, where family life takes its course, and where you can get creative. Want to unleash your inner master chef? Let Flamant provide the flavour. Not for the actual dishes, of course; that's up to you. But we can help with everything surrounding them, from authentic crockery and serving trays to fabulous glassware and tablecloths made of natural linen and cotton. And lots of sturdy shelves for all your ingredients.

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Mix & match your kitchen: make it practical and cosy

You spend quite a lot of time in your kitchen: from cooking and dining to clearing the table and washing up. So make sure it's also a cosy place. Bring a lovely living room feeling to your kitchen. But how, you ask? By mixing and matching colours and patterns, antique and modern styles, functional and atmospheric elements: from crockery and table linen to dining chairs, lighting and warm accessories.

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Alanah plate

plate, ceramic, grey, 27cm

Alanah plate

plate, ceramic, grey, 21,5 cm

Alanah bowl

bowl, ceramic, grey

Alanah cup and saucer

cup and saucer, ceramic, grey

Fernando plate

plate, ceramic, leaves, 22cm
€27.95 €11.18

Fernando serving tray

serving tray, ceramic, leaves, oval
€135.00 €54.00

Fernando serving tray

serving tray, ceramic, leaves, round
€115.00 €46.00
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Want an interior that's perfectly tailored to you? Rely on our professional interior design consultants who provide personalised advice at your home. From advice on (window) decoration, furniture, lighting, paint and wallpaper to a complete interior design proposal for an entire room.

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