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Going against the grain: interior design brand Flamant lowers prices

With the ongoing energy crisis and high inflation, it looks like it's going to be a difficult winter. And yet, Belgian interior design brand Flamant has just revealed a surprising price cut of almost 20% on just about all furniture and interior items. "We want to offer our customers the fair and transparent prices they deserve, which they need now more than ever," said Johan Beerlandt, Executive Chairman of Flamant's Board of Directors.

Belgian design with worldly influences

Founded in 1978, Flamant is known for reinterpreting furniture and decoration, translating old ideas into new materials or vice versa. A new collection is introduced every 6 months, and this is always the result of a worldwide search for authentic interior pieces. These are all made by hand in artisanal workshops, all over the world, and they each have their own story to tell. "Flamant is 100% Belgian, and as purveyor to the Royal Household we're immensely proud of Belgian quality and design. But the worldly influences from various inspiring cultures are so enriching. That combination allows us to offer special items you won't find anywhere else," says founder Alex Flamant. "Our unique items are often the result of a specific craft, only practised in certain local workshops, for example in Indonesia, India, Zimbabwe or Zambia. Recently, the overseas shipping costs of those pieces have dropped sharply, which was an important first element allowing us to consider lowering our prices," explains CEO Kurt Moons. "And then there's the fact that the current energy crisis has had less of an impact in several of the countries where our suppliers operate. That's why we decided to reassess the pricing of our items, one by one."

Local artisanship

Flamant has been committed to reducing unnecessary transport for years now. "It's a conscious decision to have our furniture and accessories made in locations where both the raw materials and the artisans are," says Moons. "For example, our hand-woven baskets from Western Zambia are made from the root hairs of the local Makenge tree. Only local women know the specific technique to weave these baskets. This combination of local raw materials and knowledge makes for an authentic and cost-efficient product."

Sustainable design

The company also manages to reduce the production cost of various items by increasingly relying on recycled materials. "That's a choice we make primarily out of concern for the planet. But we also strongly believe in the beauty of imperfection. Both the tabletop and the legs of our Saito table are handcrafted from reclaimed solid elm wood from old barns. Upcycling adds extra character to a piece, with unique details that we feel really make a difference."

It's all about transparency

The price cut of approximately 20% applies right away to almost all items in the Flamant range. "We want to be open and honest with our customers: for a large number of items, costs have gone down and we want to pass on this benefit to the consumer," says Beerlandt. A positive message that goes against all prevailing trends, now that most companies are actually considering raising their prices. "During the coronavirus pandemic, like many companies, we wanted to accommodate customers with various promotions and discounts, even though such offers aren't really in line with our business philosophy. Flamant makes timeless furniture and accessories that are the result of pure artisanship and local crafts. We want to offer these items at fair prices, both for our local producers all over the world and for our customers."

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