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Create your own gallery wall

Create your own gallery wall

DIY 01

Choose an open wall in a neutral colour and make sure it's completely clean.

DIY 02

Choose a colour palette or theme, such as the black-gold-white combination in the photograph, or go for an eclectic mix. Put it all in wooden frames or use a mixture of materials? You choose!

DIY 03

Choose various shapes and sizes: from massive pieces to the tiniest frames, and everything in between. Pay careful attention to the passepartouts, and vary the width of the frames.

DIY 04

Don't just combine framed pictures, but use small mirrors,plants, hats, clocks or other personal items that you can hang on the wall as well, for example.

DIY 05

Selection made? First, arrange everything on the floor, moving and replacing things until you find the perfect pattern. Start with the largest item and place it slightly off centre. Work from there out, making sure that you leave enough space between all of the items for a balanced whole. Tip: take photos of each composition. That will give you a better idea of the end result.

DIY 06

Ready? Hang your choices! Get out your spirit level, because it is essential for every piece to be perfectly straight.

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