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DIY: here's how you decorate a Christmas tree

DIY: here's how you decorate a Christmas tree

Finding Christmas decorations is easy enough, but how do you make sure that your Christmas tree really becomes the eye-catcher of your interior? Take your time, regularly take a step back to look at your tree, and above all, don't be afraid to overdo it. Ready to start decorating? Here are some tips & tricks for a magnificent Christmas tree from our interior design experts. 

“More is more! Christmas is not a minimalist holiday.” 

  1. Dreading the yearly chore of untangling your string lights? This Christmas, try the zigzag method! Mentally divide your tree vertically into several cake wedges, and start at the top with the lights. Work your way down the first wedge in a zigzag fashion, and then start on the second wedge from the bottom up. 

  2. Lights done? Time for the ornaments. Make a selection: a 240 cm (artificial) tree can easily hold 8 different types of baubles, of which you'll need 24 each. That means more is more! After all, Christmas is not a minimalist holiday.  

  3. Let's get started. Mentally divide the tree into a diamond pattern with intersecting diagonals.

  4. Start with the largest baubles and hang them deepest in the tree. Then use a smaller or larger diamond pattern for your next series of ornaments, and so on.  

  5. Want an even fuller looking tree? Add some lovely artificial branches with glitter or large bows for the finishing touch.  

And at the bottom? That's where lots and lots of presents should go! Looking for some inspiration? Immerse yourself in the Christmas spirit in a Flamant store, or discover great gift ideas in our online shop.  


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