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DIY: Styling the perfect backdrop for every video call

DIY: Styling the perfect backdrop for every video call

Video calling has never been more popular. We want to see our children, our friends, and our colleagues. Whoever it is you're talking to, it's better not to have them distracted by an unpainted wall or laundry baskets in the background. So how do you create the perfect backdrop? Easy, with a personally styled shelf or an elegant bookcase.

We've compiled 6 tips to get you started: 

  1. Think in layers 

Just like for photographs or paintings, composition is everything when styling a shelf or a bookcase. Use a variety of vertical and horizontal elements, mixing large and small objects for a layered result.  

2. Go green 

Whether it's a nice hanging plant or a mix of small and large houseplants, you always score points with a fresh green touch. Plus, research shows that having plants in the workplace makes you more productive and happier: it's a win-win! 

3. Limit your colour palette 

Too many distractions in your home office are never a good idea – not on-screen, and not in real life. Create harmony by choosing items from a limited colour palette.  

4. Make it you 

The cover of your favourite book, an iconic vinyl record sleeve, a hobby piece like a telescope or a musical instrument ... showcase your personality with distinctive items. Alternate these with special travel souvenirs or photo frames of everyone you love.  

5. Less is more 

Think carefully about what you really want to show, and what you might want to stow away. Give every item enough breathing room so things don't look cluttered or crowded.  

6. Declutter your home 

The main purpose of any bookcase or shelf is, of course, to provide storage space. Use decorative baskets or boxes to stow away all the things you don't want to display in your open shelf or display case.  

Got inspired? Discover our bookcases & shelves – from the Balmore bookcase, a true Flamant classic, to the contemporary oak Titus shelf – in our stores and online.  

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