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Healthy meals that make an impression

Healthy meals that make an impression

Let's take a journey to the Magdalena River in La Chamba, Colombia. Here, mothers teach their daughters the age-old craft of making the typical black ceramics of our Kacy collection. This is the only place in Colombia where the traditional baking process is passed on from generation to generation. The result? Special kitchen must-haves that provide a unique flavour sensation.  


Traditional baking process 

The black pottery from La Chamba is made with a mixture of three types of clay that is heated to 750 degrees. The characteristic black colour comes from a unique smoking process that occurs after baking. After cooling off and drying out, each item is hand-polished with gemstones to obtain a shiny matte finish. The traditional way in which the La Chamba clay is fired results in small dents or spots on the surface, making each piece unique and irreplaceable.  

"Each item is hand-polished with gemstones to obtain a shiny matte finish." 

Besides cooking pots and oven dishes, the Kacy series also has dinner plates and serving accessories. The set brings a warm atmosphere to your table, making every meal a little more stylish.  


Slow cooking 

Every item in the Kacy series can be placed directly on the stovetop. The natural ceramic material takes a little longer to heat up than metal, but it also retains heat much longer. That makes these pots and dishes ideal for slow cooking: prepare the tastiest dishes with no added fat by cooking the ingredients gently, so they retain their moisture.  

"Every pot, pan and dish is made 100% naturally, ensuring the purest flavour sensations." 


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