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How do you pick the right colour for your new sofa? 

How do you pick the right colour for your new sofa? 

Your sofa is usually front and centre in your living room, which means it has a big impact on the atmosphere in the room. So how do you pick the right colour? Here are three tips to help you make up your mind. 


1. Examine the existing colour palette in the room: from walls and floors to other furniture and decorations. Want a sofa that stands out? Then go for a bold, contrasting shade that draws everyone's attention. Want a sofa that blends in? Match your sofa to the colour of your walls and add a touch of colour with some accent cushions or plaids. 


2. Think about how you use your sofa. If you have small children who like to play on the couch, go for a colour that's less likely to stain. If your pets are allowed to enjoy the blissful comfort of your sofa too, consider a colour that matches their coat. 


3.Decide what atmosphere you want to create. Colour has a big impact on how a room feels. For example, bold colours add an exciting and dynamic touch, while neutral tones bring tranquillity. In smaller rooms, choose a lighter colour to make the room seem larger. 


If you're still not sure, go for a neutral shade that you can still spice up or tone down later. Since Flamant sofas are built to last, a neutral colour gives you a timeless basis that you can refresh every year with cushions and plaids in different styles. 


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