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Paint inspiration: discover the latest Flamant Paint colours

Paint inspiration: discover the latest Flamant Paint colours

A fresh lick of paint can do wonders, for both your interior and your mood. This year, we've added another five new shades to our Flamant Paint range: Alizé, Atlas, Dulce, Dakar and Terra. These muted warm colours take you to special destinations, right in your own home. Bring nature inside with our new terracottas, ochres and burnt sienna. Which one's your favourite?


Soft and refined like an exquisite champagne, Alizé imbues every wall with an elegant hue. This colour brings tranquillity and softness to your interior, like a gentle breeze on a late summer's day.  


Inspired by the earth tones of the impressive Atlas Mountains, this ochre colour illuminates any interior with its spicy beauty and nomadic character.  


With just the right mix of old ochre and fiery camel, Dakar whisks you away to the Sahara dunes and their enchanting mirages. This sunny shade brings the warmth of faraway destinations to your home.   


Dulce brings a feminine touch to any room. Based on natural pigments, this soft terracotta mix of beige and old rose brings timeless enchantment to your interior.  


Bring some Mediterranean warmth into your home with Terra di Siena. Earthy and inviting, this dark terracotta shade takes you to the land of eternal sunset. It combines well with the rugged natural materials it was inspired by: raw wood, pottery and rattan.  

Pollution-free paints: Tollens Air Care® technology 

We spend 90% of our time in confined spaces, a trend that has only increased due to the lockdowns of 2020. However, the quality of the air we breathe is not all that great: on average, indoor air can be up to 10 times more polluted than outdoor air. 

As an expert and responsible manufacturer, Tollens has developed a pollution-free feature for all three finishes of every colour in the Flamant range (Wall Matt, Lack Matt and Wall & Wood Satin): Air Care® technology. This active resin purifies the indoor air by capturing the main pollutants present in the air and transforming them into harmless molecules. Breathe better, feel better.  


Is your interior due for a fresh coat of paint? Discover your favourite shades now in all Flamant stores and online.  

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