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Spring cleaning: get organised

Spring cleaning: get organised

Spending more time at home with the entire family? Then extra space isn’t just an unnecessary luxury. Time for some spring cleaning! Here are 5 tips to give your home some more structure.

  1. Are you ready to start cleaning? Then organise each room separately. That way, the cleaning can be done at different times and there’s never more than one room that needs to be turned upside down at a time.
  2. In each room, only choose the things that you really want to keep. All the other items can be put into two boxes: one with things that can be thrown away and the other with things that could potentially make someone else happy.
  3. Categorise. Make sure that the same kind of items are all stored in one area. Put plaid blankets in a useful basket, magazines on a magazine rack and jewellery in a jewellery box.
  4. Separate your cupboards into small compartments with useful boxes and baskets. Easy to clean and it gives you more of an overview.
  5. Find the right storage system for each room. A closed cupboard for things that you would rather guests didn’t see, an open rack for your beloved travel souvenirs and picture frames, and a beautiful library for all your favourite books.

From small storage to a useful chest of drawers: you can find it all in our online shop. Happy organising!

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