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An ode to the good life: flamant fine genever

An ode to the good life: flamant fine genever

Straight from the family distillery

In our quest for a local producer, we soon found the Braeckman distillery in Oudenaarde. One of the few distilleries that still grind their own rye and malt, and ferment and distill the genever following centuries-old traditions. The basis of every good genever is malt wine. For this, Braeckman uses two native types of grain – rye and barley – giving the genever a complex and well-rounded grain flavour. Then, a herbal distillation, comprised of juniper berries and possibly other herbs, seeds, peels and spices, is added to every kind of genever. For Ode, we've opted for the marsh plant calamus, which lends a surprising and refreshing twist to the beverage. The result? A real artisanal product that can be drunk as an aperitif or digestif.

Flamant Genever

Trend: genever cocktails

Gin and tonics are still popular, but genever has really been gaining popularity over the past few years. More complex and multifaceted, genever lends itself perfectly to interesting mixed drinks. Depending on the age and seasonings added, you can find both very bold and very mild, really fruity and extremely bitter genevers. 'Ode has a high concentration of alcohol and is thus an exceptionally pure genever. Delicious straight up, but also easy to mix with tonics, lime and ginger sodas,' says Vincent Parisis, CEO of Ginsonline and Belgo Concept Store. And the complexity hasn't gone unnoticed among top connoisseurs. 'For my own version of the classic Bloody Mary, I use Mary V, a herbal tomato drink developed by Nick Bril and based on Japanese tomatoes. I was also looking for an alternative to the vodka that is traditionally added. Ode turned out to be the perfect fit,' proclaims Gianluca Di Taranto, sommelier at The Jane.

Genever trivia

Contrary to popular belief, the alcohol content of genever is generally lower than that of gin. Ode is a genever with a 35% ABV, while the minimum legal alcohol content for gin is 37.5% ABV. Care to try it? Ode can be found in all Flamant shops and the Belgo Concept Store, or at ginsonline.be. The Flamant Fine Genever comes in a luxurious black gift box, ready to slip under the Christmas tree. Flamant Fine Genever Ode / €39.95

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