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Inside Look: Elsy & Gregory open luxury B&B in historic Bruges

Inside Look: Elsy & Gregory open luxury B&B in historic Bruges

A majestic building on the edge of the historic city centre of Bruges: a dream location for Elsy and Gregory's dream project. This spring, they're opening Mansion9 Bruges, a luxury B&B with four guest rooms. The couple renovated the authentic building from 1924 into an extraordinary guesthouse, offering a warm home away from home with the high-end comfort of a luxury hotel.

Magnificent inside and out 

The façade with its characteristic stepped gables is a UNESCO-protected cityscape. "We wanted to bring that same historical grandeur inside. During the entire renovation, we had the utmost respect for history. But at the same time, we wanted to immerse our guests in contemporary luxury. A stay in Mansion9 Bruges really has to be an unforgettable experience."  

To create just the right atmosphere, the couple called on Flamant at Home. Interior expert Sven got to work right away: "This project was a perfect match for Flamant. Our collections always combine modern comfort with contemporary design, natural materials and artisanal craftsmanship. As always, we sought the perfect balance between past and present, between tradition and innovation." 

Bold ideas that require trust 

Flamant analysed every room and, in close consultation with Elsy & Gregory, made some bold choices. "Above all, we wanted to create a warm, cosy atmosphere. A previous interior designer we consulted made the whole thing too trendy and sleek, and we felt the interior no longer matched the soul of the building. But with Flamant, we immediately had a good connection."  

            "Throughout the renovation and styling, respect for the past was key. But with Flamant, we immediately had a good connection." 

Interior stylist Sven nods in approval: "In any styling project, trust is essential. We discuss things extensively, but I also always suggest some bold ideas that the customer might not otherwise think of. For instance, in Mansion9 Bruges we opted for an imposing black entrance hall and a dark burgundy lounge, as opposed to the more classic earth tones in the guest rooms. We painted the ceilings in the same colour in every room for a striking look and a spacious, tranquil feel." 

     "Together, we arrived at a perfect mix of past and present, blending authentic Bruges flair with city glamour." 

Throughout the B&B, guests stride on an oak castle parquet. Warm wood is a recurring theme in the interior, creating a homely and traditional atmosphere. "We combined soft natural materials like oak and linen with luxury materials like gold, marble and velvet," Sven explains. "All in all, we retained the original Bruges character of the building while adding the necessary touches of luxury that guests expect from a high-end B&B." 

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