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Master craftsmanship from Myanmar

Master craftsmanship from Myanmar

The world in your living room

Craftsmanship from the tropics, for all the accessories that you use every day: that is the Togo collection. Handwoven items in rattan which combine usefulness with natural charm: each item is 100% unique. These authentic eye-catchers that suit any room each tell a story of a centuries-old craft.

Traditional wickerwork

Our rattan products come from Yangon, the capital city of Myanmar. In an agricultural area where you can only find seasonal work, many people can still make it through the year by making rattan furniture and all kinds of accessories.

The establishments that we work with have already been experts in the art of weaving for generations. They pour their heart and soul into the craft. Weaving, framing, sanding down, varnishing and painting: everything that they do is carefully done by hand, finished with the creator’s own stamp.

"The handwoven Togo items tell the story of a centuries-old craft."

Slow design

The Togo series is made of liana from tropical rattan, a sustainable and robust material. Every month, each item goes through a time-consuming process before it ends up as a finished product in your interior.

The liana is carefully selected and turned into the right length and thickness. Then a frame is shaped which the weavers can work around. This ensures that the measurements match up exactly. After weaving, the rough bristles from the rattan are manually sanded down with a fine sand grain, to get a smooth finished product.

"The whole process from the tree to the basket easily takes several weeks."

The natural decoration elements finally get coated in a protective varnish and are painted by hand. Lastly, there is an extensive quality check to get rid of any remaining rough bristles. The whole process from the tree to the basket easily takes several weeks. Master craftsmanship from Myanmar: a time-consuming process for items with a timeless character.

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