Interior design brand Flamant brings light to the streets of Pepinster

Belgian interior design brand Flamant is launching a remarkable Christmas campaign: customers can donate old Christmas decorations in exchange for store credit vouchers. The company will collect, sort and deliver all donations to the Walloon town of Pepinster, located to the east of Liège. "Together with our customers and the children of Pepinster, we want to bring light back to the streets of this calamity-stricken town," said CEO Kurt Moons.

Everyone's looking forward to celebrating the holidays together again this year. But for the victims of the great flood this past summer, the outlook for the holidays still is bleak. Interior design specialist Flamant is calling on everyone to join their solidarity action, #donatecheer.

"We're asking everyone to bring their used, but intact, Christmas decorations to our stores. We'll turn them into warm Christmas packages, which we'll distribute to shops, schools and residential care centres throughout Pepinster, with the help of local kids," explains CEO Kurt Moons. "The town was hit hard by the floods that were all over the news this past summer. We want to bring a little light into the darkness." Flamant will be padding all donations with extra Flamant Christmas trees, lights and decorations, and will also take care of the sorting and delivery of the packages. "I think it's great that Flamant wants to decorate the closed commercial premises and bring light back to the streets of Pepinster. But what I like even more is that they're doing it together with the children of our town. This autumn, we need this kind of heart-warming solidarity more than ever," says Pepinster Alderman Amaury Evrard.

Used Christmas decorations can be brought into all Flamant stores until 30 November. For every 500 grams of Christmas decorations, customers receive a €10 Flamant voucher. If you also want to #donatecheer, you can read all about the campaign on

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