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Sleeping is sacred at any age, whether you're a toddler taking an afternoon nap or a new parent catching up on some sleep. A cosy, tranquil bedroom is essential, both for a good night's sleep and a refreshing power nap. With Flamant you can sleep soundly in natural bed linen, and even in your own custom-made bed. Need another bedside table for your late-night reading material? Or extra storage space to keep your sanctuary free from clutter? Thanks to Flamant, you won't lose any sleep over it.

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Hotel vibes in your own bedroom

Want to wake up and fall asleep in a good mood every day? Give your bedroom, and especially your bed, that little extra touch of luxury. With natural bed linen in premium hotel quality, soft plaids and lots of pillows, you can create a hotel feeling right at home.

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Cape Cod


Julia mirror

mirror, white, round
€215.00 €86.00

Eleanor duvet cover

duvet cover, beetle, pillowcases not included

Upton cushion

cushion, olive green


COMTES, tafellamp, donkerbruin


ELEANOR, kussensloop, set van 2, 50x70, beetle
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Flamant at home

Want an interior that's perfectly tailored to you? Rely on our professional interior design consultants who provide personalised advice at your home. From advice on (window) decoration, furniture, lighting, paint and wallpaper to a complete interior design proposal for an entire room.

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