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The best memories are the ones you make together, in good company, at a richly filled table. Relaxing and leaning back in comfortable chairs. With inviting, elegant tableware for an enjoyable dining experience, from plates and cutlery to glasses and carafes, stored or displayed in exquisite cupboards and sideboards. And don't forget table linen, table decorations and serving accessories to style your dining room to perfection.

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White crockery in 3 iterations

White is calm and clean: the perfect base for a beautiful table setting. Boring, you say? Not if you combine it with wood, greenery or natural materials. Or with lots of glassware, striking serviettes or colourful accents. Porcelain in various shades of white or ceramic in various colours and textures? Take your pick! Check out our tips to give your table laid out with white crockery a personal touch.

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Mix & match your kitchen: make it practical and cosy

You spend quite a lot of time in your kitchen: from cooking and dining to clearing the table and washing up. So make sure it's also a cosy place. Bring a lovely living room feeling to your kitchen. But how, you ask? By mixing and matching colours and patterns, antique and modern styles, functional and atmospheric elements: from crockery and table linen to dining chairs, lighting and warm accessories.

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Villosa plate

plate, ceramic, flowers


PINOS, water glass, mouth-blown


CANTELLE, stoel, berk, stoffen bekleding


CAMERON, soup plate, handmade pottery, green


MACEY, white wine glass, mouth-blown, 14cm, 160ml


TINA, napkin ring, beads, brown


KIAMAN, cutlery, set of 5
€99.95 €29.98
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