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128 colours in 3 finishes, each of them 100% unique.

Discover our rich palette of sophisticated shades, from intense matte to a glamorous satin finish, to help you liven up every corner of your home. With innovative Air Care® technology, purifying the air in your home and eliminating 80% of pollutants. Not sure which colour is right for you? Then you can order:

  • a free colour chart with 128 colours (one colour chart per address),
  • a hand-painted A5 colour card in a particular shade for you to hold up to your walls, or
  • a small test jar of your favourite colour.


Watch out for imitations: only Flamant Paint in the original Flamant packaging guarantees a perfect reproduction of your chosen colour.

Flamant Paint only ships to addresses in Belgium. See our international distributors here.

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Paint inspiration: discover five warm & soft Flamant Paint colours

A fresh lick of paint can do wonders, for both your interior and your mood. Especially if you choose colours that envelop your home in a soft, blissful feeling. Alizé, Atlas, Dulce, Dakar and Terra do just that. These muted warm colours take you to special destinations, right in your own home. Bring nature inside with our new terracottas, ochres and burnt sienna. Which one's your favourite?

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The one and only Flamant colour chart

Looking for a handy overview of all 128 shades in our colour palette? Simply add our free colour chart to your shopping cart: with information about the different finishes and the available quantities.

Download the colour chart

For every space

What surface would you like to paint? We'll help you with the right shade and finish.
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Looking for professional colour advice?

Could your interior do with a fresh coat of paint, but you're not sure which colour is the best match for your furniture? Want to know which shade creates a wonderfully spacious and light feeling, or which colour combination will make your house fit for a magazine cover? Ask our Flamant at Home design experts. They will hear you out and visit your home or business so they can give you personal advice, from the right colour to a complete interior design plan tailored to your specific needs.

Verf4 Air Care Technology

With revolutionary Air Care® technology by Tollens

You spend about 90% of your time indoors. However, research shows that indoor air is often more polluted than outdoor air. Proper ventilation is important, but you can also consciously choose paint that cleans the indoor air – like Flamant Paint, with revolutionary Air Care® technology by Tollens. It contains an active resin that purifies the indoor air by absorbing pollutants and converting them into harmless molecules for up to 20 years.