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The most wonderful time of the year

You're Home

Hanging your coat on the coat stand in a warm and lively home on a cold winter evening. Walking into your countryside home with the prospect of a weekend off. Opening the door and letting your family in after a long journey. That's the ultimate feeling of coming home.

Turning every house into a warm home, that's the essence of Flamant. We make authentic interior products with a modern twist, allowing you to experience that wonderful home feeling again and again.

About Flamant

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Our story

The story of Flamant started in 1978, when Alex Flamant was working in his father's antique shop. He noticed that various people were interested in the same unique chair. This gave him the idea to find a way to create authentic furniture by himself.

He travelled the world, looking for artisan processes that would yield the best possible quality. This formed the basis of Flamant. Today, we're an international lifestyle brand, up there with today's family but still as authentic as ever.

About Flamant

A touch of flamant

A touch of Flamant

Be inspired

We want to be more than just an interior brand. We invite you to experience the Flamant lifestyle and we'll give you tips for your own home. Browsing our Touch of Flamant magazine, you can "visit" all kinds of interiors, read interviews with inspiring people and we'll give you practical tips so you can get going.

You can pick up a magazine in one of our concept stores or download it online, free of charge. We're also on Instagram, inspiring you with exciting ideas for your interior every day.

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