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Bring tranquillity to your home with the 4 new Flamant Paint shades

Bring tranquillity to your home with the 4 new Flamant Paint shades

In turbulent times, we all tend to retreat to our safe home environment. Our own little oasis of tranquillity in a hectic world. The 4 new shades of Flamant Paint by Tollens were developed with this trend in mind. There's a calming light jade, a natural hazelnut hue, a soft sandy beige, and a romantic old pink. Together, these 4 powdery shades complement Flamant's renowned colour chart with relaxing options for every room. 



Dunes is reminiscent of wide-open spaces, vast expanses of desert sand. This neutral and natural colour inspires quiet reflection and serenity. It allows the mind to wander, because it goes so well with all other colours.


Jade is synonymous with peace and tranquillity. Capturing lots of light, this soft green imbues every room with an atmosphere of luxury. Tip: Jade is a perfect match for white tones.   


Zen is a natural and comforting colour with a strong soothing power. This weathered hazelnut hue creates a relaxing atmosphere in any room. It reflects sobriety and authenticity, two pillars of the minimalist style that has been influencing interior design for years now. 


Boudoir is a safe bet: this discreet old rose colour, softened by a hint of grey, stands out by its sobriety and elegance. It's the ideal colour for a cosy interior with a feminine touch, but also for a more contemporary Scandinavian style. 


If you're still not sure, just request a Flamant Paint colour chart, completely free of charge. This handy overview of all 128 shades in the Flamant Paint range will help you decide.  


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Breathe better, feel better 

Inspired by nature and the great outdoors, the new Flamant Paint colours were developed for healthier indoor air. Which is now more important than ever. We've all learned that proper ventilation is a must, but you can also consciously choose products that clean the indoor air. Such as Flamant Paint, with revolutionary Air Care® technology by Tollens.  

"Healthy indoor air makes you feel better" 

Our range of paints purifies the indoor air by absorbing the main pollutants in the air and converting them into harmless molecules. From the moment of application, this action lasts from 7 to 20 years, depending on the degree of pollution.  

The new colours and the complete Flamant Paint range are now available in all Flamant stores and in our online shop.  

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