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7 steps to the perfect festive table

7 steps to the perfect festive table

An unusual holiday season calls for an exceptionally festive table with exquisite tableware, glimmering glasses and enchanting decorations. But just how do you bring all those elements together to create a truly inviting table? Team Flamant to the rescue: we've compiled 7 tips for any festive table to help you get started.  

Tip 1: Pick a theme 

First things first: ask yourself what atmosphere you want to create at the table. A birthday breakfast calls for a different presentation than a Christmas dinner. Determine your table theme by thinking about colours and materials: maybe fresh green and white? Or how about a very festive black and gold combo? You could include rugged natural elements, or go for a sleek, polished look. The shape of your tableware, cutlery and glasses will also determine the atmosphere of the table. Use the same tones and materials in your styling for a harmonious result. If you're going to use white table linen, for instance, combine it with white candlesticks to link your upper and lower layers together. 

Tip 2: Think about the seating arrangement  

It's important to seat your guests evenly around your table. An even number of guests creates a pleasant symmetry, but there are also handy solutions for odd numbers. A round table, for example, or round placemats on a rectangular table. Avoid table runners when you have an odd number of guests, because these tend to emphasise empty spaces. For the same reason, never place more chairs than there are guests, so they don't get the feeling that someone's missing. 


Tip 3: Think in 3D 

A table has a length, a width and a height. Utilise all three dimensions to make your table styling more dynamic. For instance, you could opt to spread out decorations along the longitudinal axis of the table, or to combine candles and candlesticks with different heights. 

Tip 4: Start with your centrepiece 

Decorating a large table can feel daunting. We recommend starting with the decorations at the centre and then working your way out. A central 'runner' connecting the entire table always works well. Have a central element extend outwards to the edges of the table. For example, place a bowl with a flower arrangement at the centre, and then have the same flowers return along the entire length: this way, all guests feel connected and united by the centrepiece. During the holidays, you can work with Christmas decorations or natural elements instead of fresh flowers. Complement this with tea lights in matching holders or candlesticks, for example. 

"Is the table setting causing you too much stress? Then keep it simple. A relaxed host is much more important than how the table ends up looking." 


Tip 5: Accentuate the place of each guest 

Every festive table has different layers. Start with your table linen and build up from there, with underplates, plates, napkins and glasses. If you don't have underplates, you can use round placemats, or rectangular ones that you drape about 10 cm over the edge of the table for an elegant effect. Underplates clearly show the place of each guest, even in between courses. They ensure that your guests never have an empty table in front of them. 

Tip 6: Think about the details 

Details are anything but trivial. For a festive table, the finishing touch is essential. Think of special napkin rings, name tags, or a flower on the plate of each guest. This allows you to add a personal touch to your styling and to highlight your theme.  

Tip 7: Have fun!  

Inviting tables set the tone for memorable dinners. Is the table setting causing you too much stress? Then keep it simple. A relaxed host is much more important than how the table ends up looking. Because in the end, having a great time together is really all that matters.  


Ready to get started? At Flamant, you’ll find everything you need for a magnificent festive table. From glasses, cutlery and tableware to decorations, table linens and mood lighting.  

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