and contribute to a warm Christmas for all

Getting everyone together to celebrate is going to be difficult this year. But we can all be there for one another. While we're all cocooning inside with our bubble this Christmas, a lot of people will be forced to celebrate the holidays alone. So we're asking you to donate some cheer.

Simply drop off your old Christmas decorations at a Flamant store, and we'll make sure everyone can enjoy some holiday cheer. We'll be delivering special Christmas packages with your donated decorations – and real Flamant Christmas trees – to various places that have to make do with limited resources, from retirement homes to organisations working with disadvantaged people.

  • You donate
    Bring your old Christmas decorations to one of our stores before 13 December: we're open every single day, from Monday to Sunday, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Lights, baubles, small Christmas trees (up to 50 cm): all decorations are accepted, as long as they're not broken.
  • We sort
    With the help of several youth movements, we're going to sort and disinfect all these Christmas decorations, and deliver them to various organisations and institutions near our stores.
  • You get a gift
    For every 500 grams of Christmas decorations you drop off, you'll receive a €10 Flamant gift voucher. You can immediately use these vouchers in our online shop (one for every €50 spent) until 31 December 2020.

Organisations and institutions are selected locally in the vicinity of our shops and our head office in Geraardsbergen. We donate mainly to unsubsidised locations with little to no budget for Christmas decorations. Let's transform every house into a warm and cosy home this holiday season.

Store Organisation
Flamant Aix-en-Provence Maisons de Retraite “Les Opalines”
Flamant Aix-en-Provence Maison de la Pinède
Flamant Aix-en-Provence Résidence Retraite Pasteur
Flamant Aix-en-Provence Maison de Retraite “Foyer Sacerdotal”
Flamant Antwerpen De Gulden Lelie
Flamant Antwerpen Kadix
Flamant Antwerpen De Oever
Flamant Antwerpen De Meersenier
Flamant Brussel Maison Vesale
Flamant Brussel Résidence Sainte-Gertrude
Flamant Brussel Maison de Repos et de Soins “Aux Ursulines”
Flamant Brussel Résidence “Les Eglantines”
Flamant Brussel Maison Heysel
Flamant Knokke VZW Unie-k: Ons Erf
Flamant Knokke VZW Unie-k: De Waaiberg
Flamant Knokke VZW Unie-k: 't Venster
Flamant Paris EHPAD Amitié et Partage
Flamant Paris Accueil de Jour Saint Germain
Flamant Paris La Villa Saint-Romain
Flamant Paris Résidence de Sèvres
Flamant Paris Résidence Jeanne d'Arc
Flamant Sint-Genesius-Rode Home “Le Gibloux”
Flamant Sint-Genesius-Rode Home “Le Vert Tilleul”
Flamant Sint-Genesius-Rode Home “Le Vignoble”
Flamant Sint-Genesius-Rode Résidence pour Seniors - C.P.A.S. de Watermael-Boitsfort
Flamant Sint-Martens-Latem WZC Zonnehove vzw
Flamant Sint-Martens-Latem Zonnebloem OCMW
Flamant Sint-Martens-Latem WZC De Zilvermolen
Flamant Sint-Martens-Latem Home Taleia vzw
Headquarters WZC Baronie van Boelare
Headquarters WZC Stil Geluk
Headquarters OZC Sint-Vincentius
Headquarters Sint Franciscustehuis

Want to #donatecheer? Drop off your old Christmas decorations at your favourite Flamant store.

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